25 Very Specific Little Things Early’s Teens Did One Last Time Without Realizing It

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25 Extremely Specific Things Every Early-’00s Teen Did One Last Time Without Realizing It

Think about it, when was the last time you took a selfie with a flip phone?


Buy blank CDs to make mix CDs:

A product shot of Sony CD-R 30 blank CD pack


And buy skinny jewel cases for them so you could store the mix CDs in them:

A stack of six skinny CD jewel cases


Make a mix CD for your friend and print out the track list for it:

A printed out list of a 19 track mix CD


Download a song you wanted from LimeWire or FrostWire:

A screenshot of the LimeWire homepage with songs being downloaded


Clean your mouse by removing the ball from inside it:

A photo of a a hand cleaning out an upside down mouse with a Q-tip and next to it


Have a list of blogs that you would visit regularly because they would post zip files of new albums:

A stock image of a zip file being downloaded


Wait until after 9 p.m. or 7 p.m. (depending on your plan) to call your friends on your cellphone because you were out of minutes for the month:

A a stock image of a teen girl laying on her bed talking on a hot pink flip phone


And call yourself, listen to your outgoing greeting, and then press your pin in order to listen to your voicemails:

A stock image of a close-up of a teen girl talking on a hot pink Razr phone


Take a selfie with a flip phone:

A stock image of a teen girl taking a selfie with a flip phone while sitting on the couch


Listen to an album at a music store CD kiosk:

A man listening to Aaliyah's "Aaliyah" album at the kiosk at a Virgin Megastore


Call 411 to get a telephone number or address you needed:


Rush out to buy the DVD set of the latest season of a TV show you liked so you could binge-watch it:


Buy or borrow a bootleg DVD of a new movie you wanted to watch:

Several bootleg DVDs of Spider-Man and Star Wars Attack of the Clones

David Greedy / Getty Images


Watch MTV Diary to get a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite celebs:

The logo for MTV Diary


And watch MTV to catch the premiere of a music video of an artist you liked:

The World Premiere logo MTV used in the early 2000s


Upload photos from your digital camera onto your desktop and then onto Photobucket (in order to free up space on your memory card):

Photobucket logo


Fix red eye caused by the flash from your camera on Photoshop and have it look questionable (usually it resulted in just two giant black dots instead of pupils):

A close-up photo of eyes with the the red from the flash being covered by black with photo shop


Use HTML code to change your Myspace page:

A screen shot of a fake Myspace page for Demi Lovato


Lie on a Myspace survey:

A Myspace "Tell Me About Yourself" survey


Call in to vote for someone on American Idol:

A photo of the Season 2 cast of American Idol performing all together in coordinating khaki pants and denim tops

Vince Bucci / Getty Images


Watch the TV Guide Channel to see what was on:

A screenshot of the TV Guide channel of a smiling face from a commercial with some channels scrolling by underneath it


Write a dramatic AIM away message:

An AIM Away Message with "It's a damn cold night tryin to figure out this life..." written on it


Waste time just wandering the aisles of Borders:

A photo of the exterior sign of a Borders in Chicago

Scott Olson / Getty Images


And wander around the aisles of Blockbuster trying to figure out what DVD to rent:

A photo of a Blockbuster employee on his knees stocking DVDs

David Friedman / Getty Images


And finally, drive somewhere — be disconnected from the internet — and have to call a friend to see if they were in front of a computer so they could look up some directions for you:

A stock image of a teen sitting in a car with phone up to his ear

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